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Fantasio triple color changing cane

Fantasio triple color changing cane

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 01 January, We will not send you any other e-mails or add you to our newsletter, you will only be e-mailed about this product! MJM keeps proving to be the best place to order magic from.

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Return to the Product List. Triple Color Change Cane by Fantasio larger image. Ask a Question. Cane changes color at your command three times, then vanishes, changing into two large silks. Silks sold separately. Write Review. Customers who bought this product also purchased Bestsellers Last 30 Days 1. The Vault - Induction by Spidey Testimonials Best Magic Company. View All Testimonials. Add A Testimonial.

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Top Inventors 1. Stephen Minch 2. Roberto Giobbi 3. Yigal Mesika 4. Juan Tamariz 5. Joe Rindfleisch 6. Bernard Bilis 7. Mark Chandaue 8.

fantasio triple color changing cane

Max Maven 9. Cyril Cyril Thomas Dan Harlan Erik Tait Lennart Green Tony Anverdi Will Fern David Jonathan David Regal Patrick Kun John Kennedy Rick Merrill. Color Changing Wand Easy for you to perform but shocking for your audience. You wave a wand around nonchalantly and slowly, ever so slowly, and the wand turns to many different colors!

In stock. Double Color Changing Handkerchiefs A very simple color change that gets amazing reactions. Out of stock. The magician shows the audience an empty plastic CD sleeve which has a clear plastic front side, along with three CDs that are all silver on both sides. He places one of the CDs into the sleeve and ties a colored ribbon or silk handkerchief through. I know this because I've been collecting color changes for the last ten years myself.

I applaud his research and thoroughness. It is well organized and coherent. A colored ball disappears and turns into a large square and a black ball. Very amazing and very easy to do. This special D'Lite glows in bright red or green at your command. Uncle Sam's Color Changing Water is a great way to incorporate the colors of the American flag in your act.

Altogether it changes color four times.Posted: Apr 14, pm. I recently recieved a CCC it's fantastic, however I have had some problems with the correct seting up and handeling of this item. I'm trying to make it's changes look as natural as I can but something always goes wrong.

Please help! I have a show comming up very soon and I would like to include it in my act with my other canes. Please PM if you must i like pictures too. To help you more I think you need to be a little more specific on your problem.

What exactly is going wrong? I can't exactly say here on the site at the risk of it being revealed, however what I can say is that I do not know the correct way to set the cane up, and I don't know how to properly conclude each color change and still keep the rest of the cane intact.

Posted: Apr 15, am. You indicate that you want to perform the color changing cane "very soon," but it is not the kind of effect that can be mastered quickly. One of the principles of manipulation routines is that when you first start learning them, the percentage of errors to successes in execution is high. That's to be expected. But the more you practice, the more success you'll experience, until the ratio swings the other way.

Only then should you consider putting the routine permanently into your act. Having said that, I will point you toward what I think is a very effective handling. I saw Fantasio lecture live and he presented a version of the color changing cane where a silk "rides" along the cane as the change is effected.

By that I mean that the hands do not "rub" the silk along the cane to change the color. The red silk just moves across the black cane as the cane is held horizontally between the two hands, and as it passes across the black cane it visually changes to red. I'm not sure whether this handling was explained in any of his books or videos, but it is definitely worth checking the magic shops to find it.

Thanks for the replies. I have decided not to do the show because of lack of practise. I was hoping that the cane would be like my focal point of attention, but as amado pointed out; I need more practise.

What I should say right now though is that the cane I'm using isn't fantasio make. However, I'm pretty sure that it is of the same design. When I said I do not know how to recove from a change, I meant how do I catch the gimmick during a color change and not have it exposed. I have tried whiping it with a silk to make it more visual of an effect, but somehow the gimmick expands and makes the cane look unnatural as it slides off.

Sometimes the gimmick lauches off comletely and I cannot control where it flies. That pretty much sums up the problems I've been having. Posted: Apr 15, pm. The real problem is that you do not have a fantasio cane, I have used these for many many years. I think you just need to take some more time with it. I should try thatFantasio says "Richard Hughes of Ravenna, Ohio makes the finest feather flowers today" We are proud to use Fantasio's fine products in conjunction with our flower designs.

A candles is shown and quickly transforms into a long stemmed rose bud made of fine quality silk. The candle quickly disconnects from the rose leaving you clean to manipulate the rose for other effects. Rose can be supplied in red, yellow, pink, white or light blue.

Fits all standard Fantasio candles. We have specially reconstructed these silk flowers to work in the candles properly. Same basic effect as above the rose wilts upon command to achieve a particular effect or moos for your act. We try to make what is needed.

You said you wanted a nice full candle to bouquet to fit in your Fantasio vanishing candle and now one is available. The candle will change into a four bloom bouquet with nice large flowers about 5" in diameter each. The bouquet stands about 8" tall and 8" wide.

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It is equipped with a weighted dart tip that will allow it to be stuck into a wooden surface. Does not need a separate loading tube or rod but loads quickly without any external devices. Available in a variety of colors but the more popular are red, yellow, and white.

This fits any Fantasio vanishing candle with a three second modification. The candle is immediately disconnected from the bouquet upon production. The magician's wand magically changes into a large beautiful flower.

The WEIRDEST Color Change : Magic Tutorial (EASY)

Available in several vivid colors; open or rose Made with Fantasio's plastic wands. Ideal for close-up, club, or stage work. Ingenious construction and finest workmanship. Fantasio wand changes to a five bloom bouquet.

fantasio triple color changing cane

Yes, five blooms, each about 5" in diameter. You just won't believe they all fit in the wand. An economic alternative to our regular cane to bouquet. Made to fit the popular Fantasio plastic canes. Eight blooms form a nicely rounded bush. Normally made with multicolor but available in special color needs upon request. Some people wanted a better quality of double bouquets to produce from a Fantasio vanishing cane. Each bouquet contains five full blooms.

The cane vanishes and you are left with a bouquet in each hand. Ward Thomas could not believe the beauty a nd fullness in these bouquets when we replace his original set. In fact, he was so impressed that he referred Fantasio to us for items for Fantasio's personal act. You can buy cheaper but not better looking flowers for this effect.

Furnished complete with cane, bouquets, loading sleeve and directions.Back in print by popular demand! Top Inventors 1. Stephen Minch 2. Roberto Giobbi 3. Yigal Mesika 4. Juan Tamariz 5. Joe Rindfleisch 6. Bernard Bilis 7. Mark Chandaue 8. Max Maven 9. Cyril Cyril Thomas Dan Harlan Erik Tait Lennart Green Tony Anverdi Will Fern David Jonathan David Regal Patrick Kun John Kennedy Rick Merrill.

Fantasio's mechanical deck switch is easy to do, safe in operation and impossible to detect. In stock. The Fantasio Vanishing Cane Black This is one of the most popular and visual stage effects in the world!

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Highly Recommended!!! Out of stock. He then touches the flame and instantaneously, the candle vanishes or changes into a silk. Vanishing Flute Fantasio The Flute really plays! As quick as a wink the Flute disappears right before their very eyes and ears!!! My Canes And Candles by Fantasio - Book Fantasio's innovative magical inventions have been used for decades now by many of the world's most famous magicians.

fantasio triple color changing cane

Now, for the first time, the genius behind the magic explains everything about his brilliant creations in My Canes and Candles. In this beautiful, fully-illustrated volume, you'll le. It can be lighted to prove it is real.

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