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Moderately gifted vs highly gifted

Moderately gifted vs highly gifted

moderately gifted vs highly gifted

Once the gifted know who they are and who they are not, they gain strength, confidence, and resilience. Once equipped, they find that the world in which they must make their way is far more manageable. Paris France Photo: Nicole Meldahl.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Email Lynne or Call Lynne at to schedule a session, begin coaching or arrange a free phone conversation about the benefits of Coaching or Therapy for Gifted Adults. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.

Charles F. Self-awareness, emotional and intellectual balance, and an appreciation of the people in your life are the foundation-stones of a life well lived. The first question gifted adults ask me is, "How do you know I'm gifted? This is how I answer that question. First, I tell each gifted adult what I've noticed. Second, because I know that gifted adults must always make up their own mind, I give them a list of characteristics and ask them to read it and see if they recognize themselves.

While there were many lists of characteristics available to choose from, I put this information together specifically to answer fully that first key question--the question which unlocks the door to a whole new way of seeing and understanding oneself and the world. To me what's written here expresses the essential experience of being a gifted adult. They deeply experience the richness of the world and see beauty in human relations, nature, literature.

Gifted people often find that their jokes are received with silence because they are not understood. Here are many of the books I recommend to my gifted clients. Gifted adults have a special problem awareness. They have the ability to predict consequences, see relationships, and foresee problems which are likely to occur. They struggle to have these needs met and taken care of just like all human beings do. Because it takes quiet time to clarify thoughts and feelings, gifted adults need contemplation, solitude and daydreaming.

They function well in a participatory community and with those who are accepting of their attitudes and innovations. Call Lynne at about her Gifted Adult Services. Have a question? Need more information? Call Lynne at or Email Lynne.

moderately gifted vs highly gifted

Interested in reading more? Click here for books for Gifted Adults. Lynne Gifted-Adults. Appreciation is a wonderful thing; It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. Email Lynne Or Call Lynne At to schedule a session, begin coaching or arrange a free phone consultation.

Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspective, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception.If you suspect your child is gifted, you many notice a lot of signs.

Though their intelligence is clearly the most prevalent feature, ironically, it may not be the first thing that a teacher notices when faced with a child whose intellectual potential exceeds her own.

If you think your child might fit the bill for the profoundly gifted, read on for some valuable information and tips to help your child succeed in school and in life.

Although there are exceptions to the rule, these children tend to walk, talk, and achieve other developmental milestones much earlier than other kids. Profoundly gifted students in this same age group, however, can and do observe not only their own behaviors, but the behaviors of the children around them as well. Instead of being proud of their accomplishments, many highly intelligent students feel ashamed and will begin to hide their abilities in an attempt to fit in with their classmates.

Since they typically have little in common with their same-aged peers, however, this attempt is usually an unsuccessful one. This realization can result in further isolation and even depression. Exceptionally gifted students are not socially inept though.

moderately gifted vs highly gifted

Unfortunately, since these children are almost always put in classrooms with students of the same age, regardless of their academic ability, few have the chance to form meaningful relationships with older kids.

This system forces an artificial and unnecessary sense of social isolation. Ironically, the most gifted of all students are often the ones who fall through the cracks. As profoundly gifted students become more aware of their differences, they are more likely to try to blend in with their peers, either mimicking their behavior or becoming completely withdrawn.

As they realize that they cannot assimilate to the classroom environment, they may become increasingly apathetic about school. This apathy often evolves into anger. Many teachers see this behavior and dismiss the students as incapable when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

In these cases, someone -- whether it be a teacher or more likely, a parent -- must intervene.

High, Exceptional & Profoundly Gifted Group

Schools make many accommodations for the learning disabled and for students who are moderately gifted, but for the smartest among us, there is often little to no intervention or assistance.

Schools often favor classroom management over individual assistance, and in these situations, gifted students who require enrichment or more challenging assignments can easily be perceived as a nuisance. When this perception takes over, many teachers resort to assigning busy work which, of course, bores gifted students, and the cycle continues. More than any other group of students, the profoundly gifted are in need of advocacy. The parents of these students are likely more aware of their intellectual capacity than anyone else.

If you suspect that your child is profoundly gifted, then the first step is to have him or her tested. An IQ score will confirm your suspicions and allow you to provide the necessary resources and accommodations your child needs to excel, not only in the classroom, but in life as well! Award-winning study and life skills experts Rick and Teena Kamal founded EduNova to prepare students to lead and thrive in the global economy.

They worked with 33 top university education experts and many successful senior executives to produce resources that empower middle school, high school and college students to succeed.

Learn more at www. Find more articles on: Schools and Education. We recommend: Psychology of Aging. Second edition USD Pin It. Login or register to post comments. Supervising Paraeducators in Educational Settings. Second edition.They need to know everything there is to know about the topic and even then, continue the quest for more information! Does your child continuously ask questions or correct you if they think you are incorrect about a fact?

Do they enjoy being around you and your friends and almost seem to understand adult humor? These are just a few of the many characteristics of gifted children.

High, Exceptional & Profound Giftedness

After all, where could all that talent possibly come from? Guaranteed, after you read about gifted characteristics, you will find a connection to yourself or your spouse. Another support tool for you to use is the following chart that compares high achieving students to gifted learning students. Highlight what describes your child. There are several outstanding parent support websites that will offer detailed and evidence based research regarding giftedness. Here are a few that you can explore!

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Read and learn about your child and their gifts. Accepting that they are different and have special learning and social needs is the first step to helping them find success! As we continue to talk about gifted children, we will discuss some of the difficulties they face in school and how parents can appropriately advocate for their gifted child.

Susan Sivertson is retired and now lives and works on a CSA farm supporting local farmers to provide clean produce for the surrounding community.

Growing Pains of a Teenage Genius

Her professional educational career was spent supporting gifted and talented children, as they worked their way though the maze of personal learning and successful social skills. Susan remains devoted to the education of parents and teachers regarding our special gifted children. You must be logged in to post a comment. Characteristics of Gifted Learners These are just a few of the many characteristics of gifted children. A Gifted Learner Another support tool for you to use is the following chart that compares high achieving students to gifted learning students.

By: Susan Sivertson Susan Sivertson is retired and now lives and works on a CSA farm supporting local farmers to provide clean produce for the surrounding community. Leave a Reply. Share your story. Join the conversation. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Before moving to Michigan, I lived in Houston, Texas, where hurricane season is serious business.

Should you ever find yourself living near a coastal area between June and November with a storm brewing in the Gulf or Atlantic, you might read up on how to prepare well in advance. You may now be wondering, what do hurricanes have to do with gifted children? Certainly any child, not just a gifted one, can cause destruction and induce anxiety and the occasional desire to flee, but there is an important parallel between hurricanes and gifted children.

A bit about hurricanes first. For instance, when a Category 1 mph winds was headed our way, we typically ensured our garden flags and other yard art were removed. When a Category 2 mph winds was expected, we stowed our lawn furniture and trash cans inside the garage. A Category 3 mph winds called for trimming weak or dead tree limbs and sticking masking tape on the windows to avoid shattered glass should something strike it—like a fence post.

We also stocked up on bottled water and non-perishable food in case of flooding and a power outage. A Category 4 mph winds called for all of this plus plywood nailed to our windows.

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Finally, a Category 5 mph winds or higher likely resulted in our packing up and heading north as soon as we could to avoid the freeway standstill. Gifted students are a lot like hurricanes. They, too, are labeled based on their strength. A profoundly gifted child is very different from a moderately gifted child, just as a Category 4 hurricane differs significantly from a Category 1.

Levels of intelligence range from cognitively impaired on one end of the spectrum to profoundly gifted on the other. Individuals with IQs between 70 and 90 are classified as slow learners, and those with IQs under 70 are classified as having an intellectual disability.

High achieversbright children who make high grades but who are not necessarily gifted, typically have an IQ between and From this point, one can be classified as moderately gifted, highly gifted, exceptionally gifted, or profoundly gifted. Carolyn Kottmeyerthe founder and director of the Hoagies Gifted Education Pagegives a helpful overview of these four levels of giftedness and discusses why they are important.

She notes that these levels are not standardized, and the numbers will vary based on the test taken and the test ceiling. Generally speaking, though, the levels include:. The differences among these labels are significant, and this data can help guide both educators and parents in creating the most appropriate and nurturing environment for gifted children as possible.

As the level increases, so do other intensitiesincluding emotional, psychomotor, imaginational, and sensual. This is why it matters. We categorize intelligence for the same reason we categorize hurricanes. When we better understand our students and children, we can prepare and respond appropriately—and better meet their cognitive and emotional needs. The type of gifted label should not become their identity—they get to determine that.

The label should be used as a helpful data point, a guide. In the classroom, for instance, a child classified as a high achiever or moderately gifted generally may be well-served in a regular classroom with a teacher trained in gifted education who provides appropriate differentiation, enrichment, and mild acceleration.

A child who is highly gifted likely is better served in a homogenous gifted classroom with an accelerated curriculum that also allows for more in-depth study of topics. If a full class of gifted learners is not possible, cluster grouping can be a suitable option. Cluster grouping involves placing a small group of gifted learners together in a mixed-ability classroom with a teacher trained in gifted education.References in periodicals archive? The level of a child's giftedness makes a difference in their needs as well; these levels include advanced learners IQ ofmoderately giftedhighly giftedexceptionally giftedand profoundly gifted and greater.

Recognizing giftedness: addressing kids' needs can be challenging. We've reached the stage where, to use that currently fashionable and intensely irritating phrase, United's 'marquee' player is a moderately gifted show pony who falls over if a defender so much as breathes on him and celebrates a grubby little goal as if he'd done something vaguely clever. She divides the groups according to IQ range, as follows: mildly or basically gifted, IQ range ; moderately giftedIQ range ; highly gifted, IQ range ; exceptionally gifted, IQ range ; and profoundly gifted, IQ range and above.

The musical education of academically gifted and talented students. The following are examples of questions that were constructed and analysed by a ten year old, moderately gifted student on the self-chosen topic of palaeontology.

Catering for gifted students in the literacy classroom. Gifted education: deceived, denied and in crisis: why gifted ed still matters and what you can do to improve your district's offerings. Much better? Surely not much better, because if one team can establish a gulf in class even wider than seen on Saturday between themselves and a squad of more than moderately gifted opponents from the same division the game will eventually become a procession. Similarly, highly or exceptionally gifted children require very different interventive responses from those which might be offered to moderately gifted children Gross, Medical browser?

Full browser?Relatively little that has been written about the unique experience and cognition of highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted people. The relatively little that has been written about the experience and cognition of the highly, exceptionally or profoundly gifted is proportionally consistent with the incidence of the phenomena, but the unfortunate result is that the net is cast wide in the existing literature on giftedness.

Traditionally, levels of giftedness are defined by IQ scores, but anyone who knows me and my work knows that I struggle to define any level of giftedness by intellectual intelligence measures alone, though I admit that intellectual intelligence is an obviously important factor in the make-up of a gifted person.

In my model, you could be highly, exceptionally or profoundly gifted in some areas and not in others. Each gifted person is like a variation on a theme. Without the ability to think abstractly, people generally have difficulty making conceptual decisions, moral judgments or solving complex problems. For these matters, those of average cognition classically rely on the system they belong to, and within it, the authorities that dictate moral or ethical choices, such as their country, their religion, their culture, etc.

The real difference in the way the three types think can be seen in their respective cognitive patterns:. They are able to see complex logical connections among very different types of information, and able to organize this data into larger self-constructed matrices, which are then available for use in future actions, reflections, analyses, and problem-solving. Meta-thinking tends toward seeing everything in terms of metaphors, analogies, paradoxes and puzzles to be resolved by eventual abstraction.

They are then able to reason through any given idea in relationship to their developed matrix — in the process, adding not only the given complex idea to the matrix, but also adding the complex relationships between the given idea and the existing matrix, as well as the new relationships that form in the synergistic interaction of the idea with the matrix.

moderately gifted vs highly gifted

After all, all gifted people are considered independent thinkers who detect patterns and problems and creatively find ways to innovate and solve dilemmas. Every supposed answer only generates a series of new questions, as though what most consider knowledge and facts were only a portal to more mystery and intrigue. Why are you asking? How should I be?

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My clients might seem the same toward me. But for us, it works! This is because, for many, it is the first time they feel socially safe enough to share their matrix.

As usual for them, they are seeing their argument or subject matter from myriad possible angles and further questions are being generated as they speak or write. How can they communicate what is always changing? This can be agonizing, but as I said above, it is incredibly important to accept that all communication is necessarily flawed. One helpful example to remember is how beginning physics teachers teach that the atom is like the solar system, with electrons revolving around a nucleus.

Later, distinctions can be made, as understanding of basic concepts advances. When they try to express as much of the whole picture as possible, or as precisely as possible, and when they expect or try to incite others to do so by demanding precision and higher-order analysis, they often find that it is very overwhelming for the person interacting with them.

This all, despite the fact that the questions and doubts still continue to arise all day long, every day. It is always there, and has never left me, not even in my moments of meditative bliss. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive. It uses you. There are many other moments, however, that swimming around there is anything but a pleasure: big ugly fish of social judgment, risk-perception, and existential angst seem to be hungrily biting at my feet, and I am just swimming around in circles tiring myself out.

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What big ugly fish am I talking about? So, I see all of that and so much more as I type these words. It is the river of my mind, rushing, rushing, and making a lot of distracting and clamorous noise.

And most of the time now, that feels okay. Learn about your ever-expanding cognitive matrix map. A qualitative giftedness assessment with me or one of the assessors I've trained is an ideal place to start. Our articles here and on my site Rediscovering Yourself are also helpful places to explore. Gifted coaching is also an effective way to learn about this, and we have a large network of gifted coaches all around the world in our InterGifted Gifted Coaching Networkwith many of us specialized in supporting highly to profoundly gifted individuals.

Actively study your mind and learn how it operates, so you can have more control over where you direct your attention.I created this group to help connect highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted people throughout the world.

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It is a supportive group, where we can feel free to discuss challenging or inspiring themes and questions in our life as they relate to our giftedness, or any other life domain. We most often, but not exclusively, connect on personal growth matters. There is a lot of creative space in our group to take up initiatives, suggest meetings, or otherwise peer-lead.

We evolve quickly as individuals, so that natural pattern is represented in our group as well. We often have active temporary leaders in our group, leading various discussions or initiatives, and we always have an active group of leaders ensuring that the space stays constructive and generative for wherever you find yourself on your self-development journey as an HEPG adult. Our members include anyone who identifies as highly, exceptionally, or profoundly gifted. Read more here if you are unsure; if you are still unsure after reading the article, consider scheduling an assessment with me or with my collaborator Silver.

Our aim for the group as within InterGifted as a whole is positive connection, mutual support and opportunities for cocreativity amongst HEPG people; if you fit the category and agree with that mission, join us!

There is a one-time entry fee of Swiss Francs. Peer Groups.